Next  year....

We were fully intending to get our workshops up and running by now.... but life and other things got in the way....   We prefer to conduct the workshops outside in our carpark, with a gazebo or tent up to provide shade, and with the wetlands next door and the wildlife wandering in, it is usually a very pleasant spot....  

You can make some creative mess and not be too concerned, and I dont have to attempt to tidy up too much of factory space...  But not in the rain or winter...
So keep an eye on this space for dates in 2024 !




Saturday   February....

9:30am to 4pm   


Simply put - shibori is Japanese for tie dye.  But it is so much more than rubber bands and string !  Learn how to stitch, wrap, tie, fold, clamp, and twist fabric to create beautiful patterns with the traditional blue indigo dye.  No experience required - just some homework to be done before the class...  We provide the expertise and knowledge and indigo, and you just need to bring fabric and enthusiasm.

$100 for the workshop 
Full list of requirements ie fabric, rubber bands, etc., and the homework (stitched work) will be provided upon enrolment.










Oh so blue...  Indigo day

From  10am  -  
NOT a workshop.  I will not be teaching you how to do shibori nor how to make up the indigo vat.  Just a day to dye lots of fabric wonderfully blue !  You come along with your fabric, yarn, whatever and... dye it.  You MUST have attended an indigo class with us (or similiar) to come along to this day. 
We will provide the bottomless indigo vat, and buckets of water, and clothesline and the factory backyard we don't mind being splashed with a bit of blue.  

$75.00 per person.  Unlimited use of the indigo vat   (but no loose yardage, sheets, or towels allowed to be dyed)



Playing with Acid     

-  acid dyes on wool & silk yarns

9:30am to 4pm

Acid dyes are a warm to hot water dye for wool, silk (& nylon) fixed with the addition of a relatively safe acid (acetic, citric, or white vinegar). 

Learn the basics and how it should be done - perfect all over colour with minimum fuss,  and then learn how to create multi coloured and speckled and custom coloured yarns.  Simmered, steamed, or zapped in the microwave.  No dyeing experience required.  You bring your own yarns (prepared in mini skeins), we provide the dyes and chemicals and gloves and stove, etc.   $100.00 per person.  




Macrame - learn the basic knots

a) 1/2 day class - make a plant hanger;

b) full day class - make a shopping bag.


- email or ring us now to express your interest !

Learn the five basic knots whilst you create

something wonderful.  Everything provided.

$100 per person for full day  $65.00 for half day

plus $20 kit that includes pre-cut cord, pins,

rubber bands, working board, notes, etc
















Silk Painting  -  paint a scarf
- email us to express your interest...

Learn the basics of silk painting - gutta outline, salt, blending, shading, and fixing of the colours - whilst painting a scarf (or two) of your own design.  We provide the silk and frames and dyes and gutta etc etc.  You just need an idea of what you want to create on your scarf.
$100 for the workshop plus $5.00 per scarf materials fee






High School Textiles student's Special 
Try silk painting, and tie dye, and fabric crayons, and plain dyeing, and transfer printing, and whatever else we have time for on the day.  A hands on taste of all sorts of ways of getting colour onto fabric and fibre, and a chance to ask lots of questions for the Yr 9 - 12 textiles student.
$65 per person    All materials provided.





Workshops are ONLY held on weekends.  9am for a 9:30 start.  Finish approx 4pm.  

Inc. is comprehensive notes, tea & coffee and biscuits.  You need to bring lunch, pen and paper, at least an apron, and some other basic items (depending on the workshop), that you will be informed of when you enrol.  Eg. cotton fabric, needle and thread.  Any specialist items/products - we will provide.


Possible topics include....

SILK PAINTING - beginners

SILK PAINTING - advanced

SILK PAINTING - paint a scarf

SHIBORI - using Indigo or Naphtol dyes


BATIK - wax resist



DYEING FOR PATCHWORKERS & EMBROIDERERS - using Drimarene K & Procion MX dyes






SCREEN PRINTING - image making

BLOCK PRINTING - making your own blocks & printing with paints & thickened dye

NAPHTOL DYES - dip dyeing and working with thickened diazos

DISCHARGE - removing dyes in creative ways


A workshop can be tailored to suit your group's needs and preferences.  These can be held at our premises or Lynne can be booked to come to you.




Last updated: 21 Dec 2023