The  new shipment of blocks arrived yesterday (19 November) - over 150 of them !!  We will now sort them out and take photo's and get them all up on the website asap. Please be patient...  

Update:  this website is created with an open platform called "Drupal".  It is not co-operating with the task of getting the new wood block pictures up...  many thanks to Enigma who did not provide the promised training.  

If you are interested in the wood blocks - email us with your request, and we can send you pictures !  Thank you.






We also now have stock of very small wood blocks.  

Hand carved fromIndia.  No bigger than 1" (2.5cm).           

Lucky dip pack of 5   for  $12.50  or individually $3.00 each    

See sample picture at right.


Last updated: 21 Jul 2015