You can thicken your dyes and then use them more like a paint - control the flow and spread - screen printing and block printing, hand painting, etc., are all then possible !  And then when all is done and you have fixed the dyes, the thickener washes out, leaving only the colour behind - without the slightly stiff feel associated with fabric paints.  Being thickened also slows down the drying process.  

Chemicals can also be thickened for greater control eg. the printing of devore paste or discharge agents.


DR 33     -  modified guar gum      1 kg  $50.00     250g  $15.00     100g  $7.50

Sodium alginate     -  brand names of Manutex and Kelcosol    1kg  $105.75     250g  $32.00     100g  $16.00   




To make 1 litre.  Paste 10 - 20g with a small amount of methylated spirits.  Slowly add the cold water, stirring all the time.  Lumps are very easily achieved !  Leave to stand for half an hour before use.  IF you get lumps - break them up as best you can (with a fork for instance) and leave overnight - they usually dissolve away.

Last updated: 24 Apr 2012